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Weird Noise EP

1979 Fuck Off Reckords FEP 001



Weird Noise EP
7" EP 33⅓ rpm
Fuck Off
FEP 001

Side Awful

The Door And The Window -
                         The Number One Entertainer
Danny & The Dressmakers - Legalize Vimto
Danny & The Dressmakers -
         Hey Ho Hey Ho My Cholestrol Level Is Low
The Instant Automatons - Electronic Music
Danny & The Dressmakers -
         Don't Make Another Bass Guitar
                                          Mr Rickenbacker

Side Bad

The 012 - Fish From Tahiti
Danny & The Dressmakers - Cathy And Clair
The Sell-Outs - The Ballad Of Fuck Off Records
Danny & The Dressmakers -
                     The Truth About Unemployment

Issued in two different picture sleeves featuring The 012 in action, although each record appears to have slight differences either in sleeve colouring and/or label stamping/writing. Assuming 1000 pressed initially. Not sure if repressed.

In and of itself, this is of course a superb review - as yet uncredited.

However, the reviewer has got totally the wrong end of this particular stick. This record is fantastic and frankly no home should be without one.

Besides the beauty of the tracks and this EP's importance in the history of UK DIY music, this record is notable for containing the first vinyl outings for The Instant Automatons, Danny & The Dressmakers and Steve Lake.

Review and download from Die Or DIY?.

Full record on youtube courtesy of Penguin and KYPP, and complete with
recording information from Steve Lake of Zounds... and The Sell-Outs.

Straight in at No. 3 on the Johan Kugelberg top 100 DIY releases:
"The legend doesn't start here, but at least this isn't a cassette-only release in an edition of 50 copies or so like the majority of the Fuck Off Records oeuvre. This lines up the finest advocates of tuneless bashing within the UK late 70's underground: The 012, Danny and the Dressmakers, the Instant Automatons, The Door and the Window and finally the Sell Outs who seem to be Danny and the Dressmakers under a different moniker. The cut "Please Don't Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker" showcases one of the odder qualities popular music can have: The ability to disorientate the listener. 'Simply the very best in bad music' indeed!"

The Sell-Outs on this recording were actually JB, Kif Kif, Steve Lake and Mark Mob. A Street Level supergroup... kinda.

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