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This is intended to be a list of all the tapes and records that Fuck Off Reckords and its variations released, including any collaborative efforts. I'm up against it with this I think. Most of these I've never seen let alone heard.

Click on the titles for more information, where available. Updates will be regular for a while.

Fuck Off Reckords & others

1979 Cass Fuck Off FO 001 Various Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
1979 Cass Fuck Off FO 002
FO 003
FO 004
Danny & The Dressmakers 200 Cancellations Part 1
200 Cancellations Part 2
200 Cancellations Part 3
1979 Cass Blank Space Demo
1979-10 Cass DROIDS 001 Androids Of Mu The Androids Of Mu Demo
1979-12 7" Fuck Off FEP 001 Various Weird Noise EP
1980 Cass Fuck Off FO 005 Various Really Weird
1980 7" Fuck Off FEP 002 Various Street Level EP
1980 Cass Fuck Off FO 006 Various Weird Tales
1980 LP Fuck Off FLP 001 Androids Of Mu Blood Robots
1981-01 LP Bugle / Genius DNALP 001 The Astronauts Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs
1981 Cass CASS 1 Here And Now Off The Cuff
1981 Cass   TZINE 001 Various Tape Zine #1
1981 Cass Fuck Off FO 007 / DNAT 001 Various Music For Pressure
1981 7" Fuck Off FEP 003 All-Stars / Blue Midnight Split EP
1981-05 Cass   TZINE 002 Various Tape Zine #2
1981 Cass The Entire Cosmos The Hitch-Hikers Guide To...
1981 Cass   BERT 001 Various A Tribute To Bert Weedon
1981-12 Cass   TZINE 003 Various Tape Zine #3
1982 Cass Fuck Off FO 008 Various Folk In Hell
1982 Cass CASS 2 Here And Now Stolen Moments
1982 Cass   TZINE 004 Various Tape Zine #4
1982 LP Fuck Off FLP 002 Various Love Not Devotion

Weird Noise Tapes

1979 Cass Weird Noise W. 001 ATV / The Good Missionaries Scars On Sunday
1979 Cass Weird Noise W. 002 The Hearing Aids All I Can Hear Is People Talking
1979 Cass Weird Noise W. 003 Danny & The Dressmakers 39 Golden Grates
Cass Weird Noise W. 004 Living Dead No. 5 / Funhouse Distortion Dub
1979 Cass Weird Noise W. 005 Anthrax For The People The Grand Union Canal Mystery
1979 Cass Weird Noise W. 000 Various Weird Sampler

Organised Chaos Tapes

Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 001 The Hove Weirdos Cow Dung
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 002 J.T. Bimbo Bimbo's Lunchbox
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 003 Missing Persons Debasement Tapes
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 004 Repetition & The Repetitions Sound Of Music
1980 Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 005 The 012 / The Sell-Outs Heart Noise Heart
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 006 Chris Scott Joie De Vivre Means Masochism
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 007 3rd Door From The Left Absolutely Nothing
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 008 The Rook Thump Eek Ooze
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 009 The Teen Vampires An Hour Of Torture With...
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 010 Ironeye Just Another Pop Group
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 011 Danny & The Dressmakers Mr. O'Reilly
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 012 Danny & The Dressmakers Go Mental
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 013 Wye Fight Back
Cass Organised Chaos OUCH 000 Various Ouch Sampler

Still Krazy After All These Years Tapes

Cass Still Krazy After All These Years SKAATY 001 The Beach Surgeon Go Fly With Him
Cass Still Krazy After All These Years SKAATY 002 Missing Persons Nuclear Wasteland
Cass Still Krazy After All These Years SKAATY 003 God & The Turds Sausage Album

Funky Weird Tapes

1981 Cass Funky Weird FW 001 The 012 White Patterns On Her Dress
1981 Cass Funky Weird FW 002 Concerned Christians Christian Consciousness

Serious Fun Tapes

Cass Serious Fun SERF 001 Missing Persons Rape & Pillage In The Global Village
Cass Serious Fun SERF 002 The Beach Surgeon Magnet Vaccine
Cass Serious Fun SERF 003 Post Natals Trivia Freaks Guide To The...
Cass Serious Fun SERF 004 Horrible Nurds Pub Pianist Gets In On The Act
Cass Serious Fun SERF 005 Ironeye The Soundtrack
Cass Serious Fun SERF 006 Concerned Christians Sex Crimes
Cass Serious Fun SERF 007 God & The Turds More Songs
Cass Serious Fun SERF 008 The Beach Surgeon Tambourine Improvisations
Cass Serious Fun SERF 000 Various SERF Sampler

It's fairly ironic that at the time these were released the raison d'être was partly to give exposure to experiments that would otherwise struggle to get heard, at a cheap price. Now we have a situation where the few tapes that still exist are probably in the hands of an even fewer set of collectors and the music is unobtainable.

So I could do with some help if anyone feels like sharing for the greater good. The original artefacts are to be treasured and are priced accordingly. Sharing them won't diminish the original's value but would bring them to the ears of those that are interested. As it stands we have works by Picasso in storage units. Those that do change hands do so for exorbitant sums well beyond the reach of most of us.

Some are floating around the internet and I'll provide links to those where possible. I'll work out a list of what I have and if anyone wants a copy of anything, give me a shout.