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"One Aim, One Destiny,
                    One Love, One Speaker"

             "Drive your enemies out of the room"



Some way to go but this will be a list of bands that recorded at Street Level and/or released anything via Fuck Off Reckords or were in any way associated. Clicking on the band name should, now or later, reveal a fact or two.

In progress...

The Anal Surgeons

The Hearing Aids

Dick Heley

The Horrible Nurds

Real Insects


En route...

23 Skidoo

A Pencil

Daevid Allen

Alternative TV

Androids Of Mu

Anthrax For The People


The Astronauts


The Beach Surgeon

Bikini Mutants

J.T. Bimbo

Black Magic

Blank Space

Blue Midnight

Blyth Power

Johnny Brainless

Brian Brain

Eduardo Brycreme

Casual Labourers

(Grosse) Catastrophe

Celebrated Working Men

Concerned Christians

Dangerous Girls


Digital Dinosaurs

Alan Dogend

The Door And The Window

The Entire Cosmos

Evron & Adrian

The Fall

Pete Fender

Pierrot Floridia

Funboy Five


Funky Soul Brothers

Gang Of Four

God & The Turds

The Good Missionaries

Bob Green

José Gross

Half Church

Hamburger All-Stars

The Hamsters

Here And Now

The Hills Are Alive

The Hove Weirdos

Idol Death

Impossible Dreamers

Inner Force

Instant Automatons

Instant Trauma


The Jelly Babies

Jigsaw World

Robert Lawrence

Living Dead No. 5

Lily Malone

Merry Zap Zap

Midnight Circus

Missing Persons

The Mob

Murphy Federation

No Comment

The 012

Oxford Apaches

Mark Perry

The Petticoats

Vince Pie & The Crumbs


Planet Gong

Colin Potter

The Post Natals


The Reflections

Repetition & The Repetitions

The Rook

Chris Scott

The Sell-Outs

Soft Drinks

Steffy Sharpstrings

Seventh Angel

Sir Alias

Six Minute War

Tasmin Smythe


The Syndromes

The Teen Vampires

3rd Door From The Left

Those Little Aliens


Ultimate Parrots

Victims Of Romance

The Voletones

Walking Floors

Wilful Damage

Mic Woods